Short Stories

The Hoarder – The TV Reality Show

Summary Plot EtheriaA Hoarder lost control of his house, he lost control of keeping order and he can’t flee his memories. Caught up in all of that, a young ambitious TV- Journalist brings back order to his  practical as well as spiritual world. The protagonists are sympathetic  characters in difficult, seemingly intangible  situations. It’s a story about a successful career-woman in a win win situation, because of her philanthropic compassion for stranded people.


Etheria – A Transcendental Love

An ethereal,  well read woman transfers her everyday habitual life into an exciting humorous playground of thoughts and human interactions.  She is a caregiver to her mother, who is beginning dementia and a designated gardener. Her love for plants opened a gate to a green intelligence, her love for Yoga keeps her sexual resonance flowing… Everything is perfect, except controlling her urge …

Seeing is Knowing


The short short story Seeing is Knowing depicts the ‘getting to know’ one another between a successful Writer and her Follower Joy. You, as the reader of the diary correspondence, will find in few words and abstract symbolism the core understanding of a world of philosophy, spirituality and ultimately, hope.


Seeing is Knowing

Joy and her spiritual guide Namaste- with earthly name Laura, a successful author and Quantum Coach want to meet at a yoga seminar in Northern Germany. Joy is under the magic charm of the seminar and contacts the spiritual Guide. The two very different women grow closer and learn to love and respect one another.Whether the urge to meet personally is fulfilled and more about the Essence of Knowing read here.