Seeing is Knowing

Everything started with a book.

Sally loved ‘Seeing is Knowing’ so much that she floated on the 7th Ray. She felt, she needed to inform the source of the book about her liking.
Please, leave the dumb title away, she writes quickly in her email and with a soft press on the return button sends her thoughts to Sally. Now she transfers the message of Laura’s mail in her own thoughts. Sally loves pensiveness.

Seeing is Knowing

She never wished to uplift her significance artificially but realistically seen, having a PhD is a lot of work = respect. That’s how Sally sees this on the background of the ‘Treaties on Communication’, Critique of Practical Reason by Kant. She never read the original treaties. She studied Hanna Arendt, who wrote about the subject. Human beings must interchange, that is an important matter, but like everyone, she is not an unwritten piece of paper. Sally is very aware of her perception. She jokes about it and conjures herself up being a nameless member of the Homo Sapiens 2 community. She is careful in respect to her intuition but certainly not mistrustful. I am looking forward to seeing you on the occasion, Sally reads in the mail from her most admired spiritual guide and further on: I am thinking of you. Laura

In everyday life Sally avoids thinking about Laura. Normally she would have to think about her, but she tries to suppress this consciously. Sweet highlights still transcend. That Laura was thinking about her, she sensed during her body and mind-yoga-meditation. On top of that, exercising mind and body spares her from getting awesome visions about the meeting with the PhD Quantum Coach in persona.

Seeing in light

She seems to just be with me. I = I am = looking forward seeing You. Laura PS:

Kant = a priori = a posteriori: Perception verified the experience = thinking = the perception: Namaste Laura PS: Can’t wait seeing YOU = you!

Sally couldn’t believe it, she wouldn’t take it anymore, now she had to constantly think of her. She becomes active. I really don’t want to exaggerate, she thinks, but I owe her feedback. She 000’s her laptop and describes what she felt and perceived during the seminar I am the Sun of the World. First, I thought the subject was everything and nothing, she writes to the Quantum Coach. But, as you at the end of the day described how your persona dissolved the duality in the First Ray- in no expansion of time or space – the audience became quiet. The flowing noises inside of me immediately silenced. The feeling was apparent during the entire event. Parallel in one flow, now. It was my first consciously perceived, ethereal revelation! A shower of harmonic vibrations- all in ONE transcending – every thought fed by this wonderful emotion of sharing energies. As I just began to fear this brother/sisterhood could lead us all hand in hand into a carefree insanity, you asked us to pray. It was incredible intensive and truthful. I was part of a real time happening and euphoric. Only silence reveals spaces in the stream of consciousness for ‘The One to See’. You also showed decency, by warning the audience not to be gullible on the search for the Rays. And we learned that we are Daydreamers in everyday lives that have to function. That’s it – that’s, what it’s all about- functioning in a dream. Always has been a small path. I personally drew a lot of benefit from the seminar, therefore money-value reached. I don’t know why, I mention money at this point. Yours Sally.

I would like to book a personal coaching, so far it’s likely for your persona and mine. I admire people with courage and a solid moral, intellectual background, Sally writes in her mail. I’ll also bring some courage with me and a skull radius of 68cm, whereas the left back of my head feels like a bump. I would love to see you, when you feel better and your time allows it. If it’s possible, I would like to meet you personally before taking a coaching lesson. I hope, your salary meets my demand and promotes the reduction of monetary inequality. I am not poor, but certainly not a (top) earner. Seeing is Knowing let it shine Yours Sally

You are talking about a seminar in a small group. Cool. I feel honored to be invited. How should I conceive, seeing? It’s not, that I will be hallucinating- you know, the Fata-Morgana. Is there an outline of the seminar Seeing is Knowing? Yours Sally

I’m just returning from a stroll with my dog in the fields, where it smelled like topsy-turvy. Now, I read in your assistant’s mail, that you canceled the seminar due to a water-pipe burst. So, now I write to you:

I would have liked looking forward to meeting you next weekend = really joyous = getting to know each other = seeing. A formula where: What is in front of the = must be followed. Symmetry? A priori = a posteriori = wow = found the right words for things not to be said?!

I’m sure we will ogle us the next time. It would have been very fascinating – not until 10/16 at 13pm in Friesland. Sally

Two days later Sally reads from the source: Naturally, just as nature is – that’s how we will see each other, love, who are you? How would we two both stay in contact – I ask you that earnestly. Mailing isn’t anything I would prefer. We can chat on the phone beyond – Mr. Zuckerberg & Co., hopefully.

watching out

I will send her one more mail, Sally thinks. I can’t call her from the United States and ask her: “Can you see, feel, and smell my Rays”? I will instead write: It is outlandish to call you now from the foot of the Rockies to Friesland, Germany. YOU asked my YOU, who are you and that says: I am just that, what I do, how I do it, why and where I do it. I am just not that, what I don’t do, how I don’t do it, why I don’t. That’s who I am- so or somewhat like that. Sally will ask her, of course, only if she has time and feels like it, to read her short story. Laura needs to know more about me, she thinks. Why? Because she asked YOU and we two both trust and dare it. I’m looking forward to her answer. Sally Tina

Hello you two both – I don’t believe in this equation, although I love them. I will study your text hopefully in this Incarnation. Today something from me: Light: Quantum Physics teaches us that all substance is seemingly and compressed light in fields. I am the sun of the Light You are the sun of the Light. Light is the source of being- the eye can only see light but sees physical matter = things. Light sees light. Light is not dual. Therefore, subject and object are identical. Subject is Object. On that note have a great weekend and the rest of your life may shine. Laura Namaste

That is heavenly, I can’t think of any other word- look at the content title: Can I get your home phone number?!? When are you calling me??? Greetings Laura Namaste

We two both talking over the phone on a cozy Sunday morning, receptively evening, over the ocean, in a different time zone, rumbles through Sally’s drugged with sleep dream phase. We will stay in touch somehow, definitely!?? Your whispering from eternity is like a diary of a Vampire. Also 00151xxx or- That’s exciting, we will meet personified in this incarnation again.

We have a parallel dual harmonic resonant frequency.

Fantastic!!!! Sally’s thoughts dance in her dream scanning the sources digital mail over and over again. There is drunkenness in her physio-etherical body. In her sleep, Laura digs deeper and deeper through orange light, the 5 Ray. Early in the morning she writes the source the following: Laura, I had an incredible night- a most intensive dream that awoke me with a question: Is our we both situations as follows: 3×2-4x=0 or Tel:303=0 Polynominal Sally.

Equations are not negative Energies, such thing doesn’t exist- they are only vibration-frequencies of the absolute light and light as a frequency of nothing can’t be negative.

Rather low frequented or high. I would really be happy if we could see = experience each other = see one another in the Year 2016 AC… but as we know time is relative to the observer. All the best Namaste: Laura
Only silence will open spaces in the consciousness stream. I have to think of you, just in this moment- I am surprised. Should we stay in touch?