One week seminar Graceful Exit, at the Buddhist Mountain Center

During the one week seminar Graceful Exit, at the Buddhist Mountain Center close by the red feather lakes.

A sentient being of the 21st century needs to stay flexible; learn, unlearn and relearn to make it through every day challenges without losing one’s wit. In my mind it seemed clear, that this is one of these special circumstances to make the first step and confront the submerged subject dyeing and death.

We all will die, I will die. So it will be.

The dream and sleep yoga specialized book author Andrew Holecek held the one week seminar Graceful Exit, at the Buddhist Mountain Center. In his seminararound the unalterable subject death and dying, Andrew gave guidance to a group of 35 individuals, how to find the wisdom in our bodies; (Dharmakaya) He also equipped the participants with an incredible practical meditation map in the tradition of the Tibetan maha mudra tantras. In his lucid dreaming meditation practices we learned how to open the mind, how to dab into some insight coming from the darkness of our unconsciousness. The group applied distinct given meditation tools to work towards the ultimate goal – in the Tibetan maha mudra tantra Tradition: Equanimity; the mind becomes crystal clear and a great open unhindered gap (Bardo/transitional experience) opens up to our consciousness. This state of mind is non-dual, we become completely transparent, as if every phenomena just passes through our mind and body.

“The only obstacle is to regard something other than mind.” (Padmasambhava)

Graceful Exitpreparing for a Good Death– Shambhala Mountain Centre, Colorado

On our Graceful Exit seminar we learned about the 8 stages of dissolution, were equipped with the 3 wisdom tools- pedagogical approach, hearing (digestion) and contemplation, (meditation). The group learned more about the landscape of thoughts and minds – Lucid dreaming is the expression that describes a form of sensation when practicing Dream Yoga; the Yogi becomes part of the darkness; becomes simply space and the entire identity becomes transparent.

Andrew went further and signed his book for me with: “Wake up to your dream.” That is transient enough for this one! For some reason this strikes me Monty pythonisch, but it was another great experience I had at the Buddhist Center in northern Colorado.

When I have to die, I want to die quickly and know what is happening during the 8 stages of dissolution.

Dream Yoga, by Andrew Holecek seminar:

During this intense week of Graceful Exit all around the subject death and dying, the participants indulged in lucid dreaming meditations with blindfolds covering their eyes, so not one ray of light could make it to our minds. It’s all about getting a glimpse beyond the twilight into the darkness with a calm, clear mind and without fear or hopelessness. This can be achieved by training the untamed mind and recognizing bad thinking habits and cutting through spiritual bypassing- a term for prematurely transcending relative human needs, feelings, personal issues or developmental tasks.

There is no cop out of Samsara, but there might be a spiritual way close to the doors of Nirvana.