Mindful social media self-promotion

You are an author taking action and reaching out to mindful social media self-promotion? You have a professional website, your writing is nutshell SEO friendly, and you still are not reaching your set goals?

Be aware; you are reaching a new boarder-level situation on your path as a self-published author.

Never worry, you could over promote yourself on social media platforms and the internet. You need to be aware that your content is mostly visible in local surroundings, which means the search engine and the SEO listings are visible locally on google search. Once you establish yourself on all the platforms and your website is frequently visited, you will slowly expand the reach of your content or you’re washed up back to the shore. In other words- blankly spoken- be very careful when hiring an outside SEO company to “help you out”. You may just pay someone to set your website on the blacklist of google, even if your content or blog is valuable to people.

Important to consider; always keep your apps, your website plug-ins, template updated because that will secure your data the best.

Clear is also; all the various social media platforms require a different approach of presentation of content, services or products. Therefor the imagery uploaded or shared on Facebook should be different than those e.g. on Pinterest. This is creativity and requires technical skills, apps and timing for certain content or topics. All must be in one line, from your perspective and valuable for your audience. Once you get the feel for the platforms uniqueness, you can benefit by using them to sign in, share things or to post content, and last but not least: make contacts or in the same spirit friends. Some platforms are spreading other peoples puddles (what not problems) which in some cases can drag people down in pursuing a writer or self-publishing path. So think twice before you post or answer someone.
I am going to borrow an a Buddhist expression “tonglen” and expand it to how to engage on the platforms. The term describes a genuine effort to transform negative energies by calming the creative mind and spreading healthy content for inspiration onto an artificial intelligent machine that is shared with others. In few words.

Let’s talk in the light of a philosopher representing the speculative realism: you have a “capitalistic website” – equipped with the best state of the arts plug-ins and template – a technology somewhat customized to your needs, and the corrupted analytical tools installed show neglectable small amounts of visits on your website. You are using this immensely technical tool to enter in your space in the virtual environment – actually adding precious content into an anonymous huge space out there, and maybe without reaping the harvest (goals) and unknown recognition.

Going back to the thought that everything is a machine divided https://amywinsloe.com/en/an-ontology-of-machines-and-media/ in different categories, which means; the AI machines are ruled by algorithms and your website is in a world of male, “supposedly communist virtual environment”, where it seems almost impossible being visible on the world wide web without digging deep into your own pocket. Is this negative? No! It is reality in the now and the realm in which you have to self promote as an author.
Again, you have this totally capitalistic tool set up to enforce your performance as an author and maybe sell a book and you most likely experience not reaching the goal because you have to do a lot for free and that is very difficult to withstand.
Sad? Not really. Why? Because, if I, as a humanoid machine can’t make it into value and no value, the algorithmic world of numbers and reasons, I will find my success in the core of my being; namely a writer.
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