Meaningful Messages

How to use Texts and Messages

Everyday, everybody has messages to answer or to read. The ways of sending and receiving the texting’s or images are various. Sometimes, it’s time consuming and patterned what we say to friends or loved ones and even family members.

The subjects and content of conversations among different communities or between friends and families are as unique as there are people. Therefore the list is just an excerpt of topics that possibly can be discussed.  Whenever you see the sign +++ you can easily substitute the content and adjust it to your situation. These text messages are inspiration or you can change the message according to your needs. Have fun.

Fear in the air

I still feel the unpleasant atmosphere thinking about our last disco night together. Everybody had to fight the fear in the air, but no one was brave enough to talk about the issue. I haven’t mailed for a while, which doesn’t mean I don’t think of you. We spent a vacation in Italy, Wesley+++ and Tom, two friends. I wanted to twitter+++ but a vacation a trois can become nerve-wracking, especially traveling with such a likeable, exuberant and hard to stand, madman Tom. I conjured a smile on both faces – a buffer in performance! It was a beautiful vacation any way, although 10 days are not enough to explore the Island Elba+++. Back home, breathing Berlin Air, I fear oppression in my future. I don’t know where to go this winter semester. France+++ is not an option, since the Theology Studies are not interesting enough and I can’t pay tuition.+++I wish to do the right thing for the circumstances being and avoid trouble in future.

Lesbian Sexuality

I feel blameworthy not having recognized the tender feelings+++ that you expose for the same gender. You like going to lesbian bars, a fact I wouldn’t weigh too much importance on. I liked what you posted on Facebook+++ about your sexuality. With the video you found an artful expression to explain your sexuality. Look out, here I am, I wasn’t wanted, but I am here anyway. No puberty show. My dear daughter+++, I don’t want you to misunderstand or think I want to hurt you. I owe you honesty. You are so wayward+++and not at least conventional- you don’t have to worry! You’re special, a good balance between conservative ways and full of zest for life ways. I love you and therefore I fear you will end up in the abyss of life, because you don’t want to feel conform. Just try to figure out if your sexuality originates in a wild obsession+++ or if it’s a reconditioning of your bringing up. I would love to talk to you now- but in the train+++ I don’t have a phone connection.

Sexuality is Destiny

In one year I will study in Cologne+++and finish my degree+++. But there is yet time. I met a lot of people in Amsterdam+++ so I don’t have a hard time communicating anymore. The student friends I knew the best, left already and nobody can substitute you. I’ve written+++ so much about myself. How are you doing? You’re meeting women that are fascinating and inspiring and you think that’s not normal? It’s normal to meet people, that’s what we humans like and it is therefore irrelevant if it’s male or female. It’s destiny. Sexuality is destiny! It’s not a coincidence that you’re attracted to women. Ask yourself what it is you like about women. They are self-confident or beautiful or all together. I wouldn’t say that everyone is bisexual, although I know what you mean. You find men and woman attractive and it is OK to show tender feelings. Bisexuality is not normal for you, because you don’t like promiscuity. Your sexual preference will be distilled over time and you will know for sure. Don’t be afraid of yourself, I think you’re balanced and by the way: lesbian is a spit word for a natural thing. Don’t frizz your brain about it; Sexuality is destiny. Always be at the center of your being. You’ll meet a woman or man, fall in love and all will be good. Just as wonderful as our love is, no matter what will happen and how we will change. There are so many ways of loving. I love to read your mails and until then+++


I’m just riding the train to London+++. I cannot describe, how I felt hearing your inspirational compositions on a DVD+++. I am so happy you graduated as an MM+++. I was so proud of you, when I listened to this beautiful music of yours. I played it for Penelope and Lulu. We all were totally quiet, the only person missing was you. It would have been too much to handle seeing you live conducting that inspirational, beautiful music to an orchestra. After we saw your Diploma DVD I knew music is the best medium to express moods the composer mirrors. This music is an expression of your soul. And you really thought of me when you composed these pieces? Good to know, maybe I’ll be a support for you whenever you have depressive moments in your career. I think you made it! It’s one of the best jobs you can get and both of us will enjoy it. You get to be standing in the spotlight. I know you’re going to be successful with your niche. You made a commitment feeling responsible as the conductor for the orchestra. You made your dream come true. Has your mother+++ seen you? Was she in the audience? She probably was extremely proud of her daughter+++ that will conquer the United States+++ I love you

Fear of Image

I am in fear of us; When you go to New York+++successfully find a gallery owner, get your own first interactive exhibition that you will loose me out of sight in all of this high-altitude euphoria. I’ll be left all alone in fear. Probably useless trying to talk you out of becoming a conceptual artist. I would only be convinced if I saw you on a screen or in a Magazine. My dearest+++I miss you. I am reassured that you tried to draw my picture from a photo, but that didn’t turn out, in fact, you hurt my feelings with it and it lets me wonder about your ambitions. Surely not an image to look at, your drawing. More like your Fraulein fantasies. Since when do you actually use a real paintbrush?


I received two mails from you. Are you really lonely? If it weren’t for Wesley+++ I too would feel lonely. But even he is absent these days, because he is writing his MA thesis. There’s also a joyful feeling lonely- just a day ago I finished my assigned paper for my BA – all alone – although I never thought I would learn Bible excerpts by heart. Boring! I admire you very much. Why? Because you set your goals up high and I can’t perceive how you handle the circumstances you’re dealing with at the moment. Your lonely in a somewhat strange country+++, or should I say society, since you lived the last 30 years in Europe. Now you’re working, taking college courses and you seem to have fun. I foresee the beginning of a classical new start. Lonely, heading towards success. That is probably more unlikely to happen, but in your case it might work. I think you feel alone instead of lonely.
I’m sitting here outside of the street cafe waiting for the storm that has announced itself with a long growling in the background. People seemingly nervous are walking by, also waiting for the sky to open up with rain. In the meanwhile, I am doing tit and tat. Over the weekend I’m going to visit my parents and I’m sure they’re going to ask me how I’m imagining my future. I told them that my horizon only reaches until I have my BA in hands. But what am I going to do then? Doesn’t matter! Under all circumstances, I still have you and we both have each other. You’ve been the best friend that I could find on earth. In my thoughts you’ve been imprinted because you read and answer my mails and that it’s good to know. I will always continue writing you how much I love you

Memories of shared Love

You are killing me, when you don’t write. Are you angry, do you feel miserable or are you actually really drowning in snow – send me some of that snow, here winter just doesn’t want to come. I wish I could look, feel and live like you With love. Are you still as boisterous confident? I still waver between happiness in my memories and the pendulum rests at gloom, when I don’t hear or read from you. I vision us walking along fertile fields, or the sky, which we often watched together. Remembrance of the golden red sunset beneath the village chapel in Greece, where you cut my long hair to a short cut with a scissor an old Greek woman had lent us. Memories, of how I had to pluck out the cactus needles out of your lips because you had the urge of some kind of oral satisfaction. No, it wasn’t quite that way. So many pictures in my mind, so many bright shared moments. I miss you very much, your eyes when they are sad, or sparkling funny. How is your life going now? Don’t ever forget that I still love you. I will see you again, no matter what but please send a line.


How are you, what you’re thinking? Are you thinking about me – that I haven’t written you a line? Every day I want to know what you’re doing and who’s with you. Now, I’m aware how extremely far the geographical distance is, my old friend+++. I hear you say: What about your husband- he loves you! It’s not the same long going situation as with a really close friend for life. Especially in the last few days, I’ve been holding on to our friendship even over the distance. I have painfully realized that I left my family+++ behind. I can talk to them, call them once a week. My mother is friendly, you could almost say polite to me. She treats me like a stranger+++. She doesn’t show trustworthiness+++ in me. I thought it would be something temporary, but I think that’s likely to change anymore. My brothers+++ are so far away from me and they lead their own lives. I have very little contact with them- almost never. Everything is in the distance and I will not be able to reach them anymore. Your distance is far, but I don’t conceive it that way. The challenge is developing a somewhat not interested relationship to your parents, although you were obedient or reliant on them over almost 20 years of your life. Maybe I see them as friends that don’t know me anymore. I don’t feel that distance to my beloved friend+++

Doubts about Math

I can learn math+++ better here than at the University, which took my doubts. This Tech College+++ even has students I can handle; they’re nevertheless not smashingly likable. On some days, when I learned with all my heart, Math makes sense. Other days, I ask my soul for the sense of learning math. Obviously to me: the deeper I get into the subject the more doubts bubble up, because of all this existent bad math. I can’t get into details, that would probably bore you to tears, but it is obvious to people like me. Ambitious mathematician with some clue of physics. My mother never pushed me to get better grades. So in other words: the sense of this question lies within the question. You know, what I mean? By writing you this my head clears up and I learned something new about myself. My thoughts might be similar to yours. I’ve noticed over the time of our friendship, when you’re sad and it rains outside, I usually sit here and tell you, how much I love you by mail or phone. Now, just before Christmas I attend a lot of concerts and one of them is the Christmas-Oratorio by Bach+++. I feel happy nested inside a church and that’s when I think of you, that’s when we both dream about genius Bach. A great mathematician himself. Over 3000+++ years of Christianities believe – now think of that in mathematical idioms. All in one evening. Plus gifts and the full blaze of family. Scoll, prost, salute on this one.

All sick mental ill

I haven’t written you for a long time. But too many things have happened -so many sad things. My cousin+++ is, after being well for over five years, sick because he stopped taking his pills that the doctor had prescribed him. Too much work, too little sleep and as his agoraphobic brother, who has not left his apartment for over a half a year, spiritually and mentally ill+++. My brother is in psychiatric clinic because he doesn’t take his pills anymore. Prompt everybody surrounding me is mentally sick, possibly. My mother will return, fearful and restless from an originally as vacation planned stay in Switzerland. It ended as a stay in the clinic for all of us. We are going to be here for 10 more days and of course we will visit my brother at least once a day. Regarding the circumstances he’s okay. Now, that he’s back on medication+++ again, he sleeps better and put on some weight. I suppose that’s how he can recover. So it looks like we can go back home, maybe next week. I can’t give you more than these factual information. You can imagine, what we’ve been through. Walking the little village up and down. Sometimes we feel totally empty and then the next moment full of hope. Next week will probably be back home. This whole thing will not have left us in total despair. Dear, I will be able to answer your mails in the next days, but you need to know that I’m thinking of you and that I miss you very much. I hope you’re doing fine. Whenever I feel totally in despair, I always think of you and my hope rises. I’m so glad that you there


So far away, I miss you. I’m absolutely sluggish+++, lethargic, can’t do anything. I am desperately awaiting a mail+++ from you or text on my cell phone. How are you? With work and your love and all of it. Do you sometimes think of me? I often think about you! Almost as often as I listen to your CD+++ with the songs you wrote. I am a Fan of you and I predict you’re going to have a great career. I am foreseeing it! You asked me if I understood the lyrics. Of course, I heard and understood what you sang -with your wonderful rocksh sounding, absolutely unique voice. You have a strong instrument. I can vividly imagine, according to the live recording, how your energy flew over the edge to the Fan. Your stage performance was probably stunning. I’ve never told you that, but your spirited and dynamic with a vibrant presence. Just something that flows out of your mind into your body, over the edge to the audience. It is the first time that I openly told you how I see you. Only because you’re so far away, I get to see you so rarely on stage+++and I have to mail.

45 and still learning

At the age of 45 I don’t need to be learning any more new things in order to understand.
I could do a lot: e.g. protest on the street and show my opinion in public! But my willpower will not listen to me, therefore I can’t decide what to protest against. I wanted to talk to you, I wanted to be with you, if only just by mail. Time passes so fast; I’m 45 years, actually in eight weeks, then the second digit of my age number will increase. It’s such a crazy, beautiful idea. I am going to study again at 45. I will start my studies in the middle of August at the University of Colorado+++. I’m still a political empty shell and left a part of me behind during our bike tour in France. Now I feel like I can tackle this new world.

I dreamed, I needed to do something

I will keep silent: your new president resides at the moment in our country. He seems to be very cool after that incredible election fight and all of the skeletons in the closet. All that revealed in public worldwide. Statesmen and women eye in eye with a businessman who is now a statesmen too. One of them! The former Quantum Physic Chancelor Dr. Merkel, since way back a very powerful political person, in negotiations with the ‘Towerman’ President Trump in Berlin. History of the present. On the day when the second world war seized, all involved swore never to fight again. That’s what the military should always keep in mind and not forget what happened to us over 75 years ago: what do we see now; the military is even more powerful. It has being equipped with the newest technology that could destroy the earth by many times. My speechlessness often wishes to have a strong shoulder to lean and to cry on. People that are similar to me are mostly in the same way depressed and that multiplies the grief. Do you sometimes wish you had a strong person on your side? Or do I have a father complex? I dreamt I should do something, run or drive a car or do something for other people, my family, myself, for my friends. Everybody expects that I can do it. I can’t. My legs won’t carry me. I can’t even finish my drivers license. Everyone is disappointed in me. I don’t care. What I do care about, is that my dear love is not here. Please let me know what and how you’re doing. Please write soon stop I need to go now, maybe tomorrow the sun will shine again. It is so dreary. I love you. In despair.


I am so glad, so happy that you like the shoes I bought and that you are wearing them. That made me feel good, so I made you feel happy and that made me feel happy. When did we meet? It must been centuries ago. It seems I mirrored myself in the beloved person. Certainly, I wouldn’t have given you such extravagant shoes as a present when we first met. In those days you were so decently in fashion- please forgive me this joke. I miss you very much, your beloved voice, laugh your best friend


At last you’ll be here in November, earlier than I was expecting. Please, let me know the day of your arrival asp. I know you will have to return to from where you came, but in the meanwhile we will have the greatest time together. Maybe even the best time we’ve ever had together. Farewell is always in the back of our minds. We don’t even have to force to have a good time and our farewell doesn’t have to be as terrible, as it was the last time; tortured ourselves in silence and staring at each other. You didn’t let me camouflage my embarrassment, conscious of this game underlying the situation. No, we have grown adults I think, we will say farewell without hurting one another and without enlarging ourselves to something bigger than we are. Loving one another even more conscious than we were before. So we don’t have to fear; Saying goodbye to one another lets us look forward being happy seeing each other again soon. You see, I’m already anticipating the farewell in my thoughts, so please my dear write soon. I am so impatient to write this day in my calendar. Truly yours in love


You don’t need to lend me money to take some modeling courses. You know that’s really nice of you, but the money is not that much a problem. I’ve worked and saved up some money- not a whole lot but enough. I already looked into modeling courses. They are very expensive and you can’t do anything with them for your career. That’s nothing for me, I’m looking for a chance to make fast money and not have to spend time and money for boring courses. No, I rather push my luck and apply for a non-profit organization that helps immigrants to find jobs and emerge into the American system. I’ve seen some ads on the web -you know -those job search machines. I have so much to do, there’s no way I could study modeling too. I’m glad you found some friends in the USA, especially in these frosty days in good All-America. All-Star, I can already see you turning red. Nevertheless, I love you.

Pierre in Paris

It’s a nice and calm Sunday. All my roommates left. Haven’t gotten in touch for a while. Last week I stayed in Paris at Piere’s place+++, we haven’t seen each other for over a month. We talked about a lot of things, trying to stretch time a little. It isn’t easy being separated from Pierre. He understands me without words, comforts me when I am sad. When it rains in Paris e.g. I want to know what he writes Marcus. Is there reason for jealousy? It has to be something else between them, is what I think. Pierre isn’t me and I am not him. We love each other in different ways. Love is so different as people are. The question is not who he loves more because love is not to be measured. My love for Pierre is about to end in nothingness, on grounds of sexuality. Let’s say Pierre had sex with a woman that wouldn’t mean a problem to me. It’s his relation to Francis. It is the you in my love for Pierre in Paris I can’t hold on to anymore. You understand? On the other hand, I believe our love can’t be broken apart even if we both change over time because of our openness to one another. Does Pierre know this? Why shouldn’t he. He knows about it the way I described it. He is a Philosopher+++ he’s the one to know! Body, mind/spirit, soul.


Yesterday, finally I managed to oversee your mail, twitter, Facebook messages. Pretty good. I made it. Not so good is the content. I’m so sorry you weren’t accepted at the college. I can anticipate what you’re feeling right now. To be engaged in oh so beautiful and confusing New York City life. I would be more intimidated rather than confused. It’s your goal to conquer the City of all Cities. That says a lot! You are a brave person that will not be intimidated. I have gotten to know you as a careful and with love equipped, talented and ambitious being that is not only centered on own goals. You are also willing to be there for other people. As far as I know you trained your drawing skills 12 years +++in different schools, getting different diplomas, accumulating knowledge – and now you got this denial letter from another educational site. Maybe you need some beating up in regards of your continuing studies and your education.I think you’re being prepared to overcome two years of not having sold a single painting+++. I know you have the best conditions to be successful. Your innovative way materializing an idea with perfection show awesome results. You know that, but what you don’t know is; you carry a certain amount of responsibility for your talent. You need to be forerunner for those whom you will provide happiness for. Of course not least for myself, I wouldn’t be able to handle my beloved, would he be left alone with his art. Making sense out of colors, forms and ideas. So don’t be sad. Nobody’s going to have as beautiful hands and fingers as you, nobody possesses more beauty embracing your own talent. I would love to take you in my arms and support you whenever you have doubts. You’re not a mediocre talent that everyone in nobody possesses. Impatience and carelessness are the big mistakes of human beings. On behalf of the impatience, humans were expelled from paradise on behalf of the coolness they didn’t make it back. Or it might be because of their impatience they don’t make it back to paradise. I think this quote is right, my dear. I need to go now. Get in touch, when you’re not feeling so good. So don’t be sad if life around you laughs. I believe you’ll make it.

Campus Toilet

I‘ m sitting on the campus toilet+++ because I ran away from the discussions of fellow theology students, who were asking if ministers should politically engage and stand up for freedom. And they are so afraid almost wetting their pants. I ask myself how Luther could talk about the liberty of Christians in those days. I think the orthodox churches haven’t understood anything. Now, in this campus toilet I read these stupid graffiti messages: I am 21 and still a virgin, do you think this is terrible? No comment – sex, sex and sex. Those are the words the women toilet collects on walls and doors. I would have preferred to chat with you refreshing, joyful being and let the others talk bla bla. I‘ll twitter you later, after the course. I love you and text me a few lines.

Vacation before wedding

are you in New York, Boston or in Denver. On the ground at the airport or laying in a hotel bed meditating? These are my open questions. The vacation+++ would cost $ 5000+++ I will do almost anything to get the money saved up. As soon as I settled our wedding preparations+++and you will still love me after our trip, whatever will come won’t bring us apart and we will marry. I miss you and looking so much forward spending time outside of everything. We will disarm all doubts; whenever we should offend one another we will drown these emotions in hope and mindfulness. We will answer on important questions in honesty. We will not have a bad awakening after the marriage. On our journey we will see beautiful sand beaches, from side winds hunched trees and snorkel midst colorful corals. Enjoying reverent sunsets alone or with other travelers – please let me know if that would make you happy and then we won’t talk about it anymore before we gather up the money. I will understand reading between the lines. I feel so close to you, we wouldn’t have to write and still understand one another. This is not to prompt any mails- I need your mails specialty now they will motivate me to reach our goal before we wed.

Being a maverick

I’m a foreigner here and target of a lot of negativity. A foreign language+++ and other customs other people – I am a maverick+++. I have had a lot of beautiful and also bad experiences. Yesterday, I enrolled in college classes. I am curious, what it will be that I learn. I have to organize the work thoroughly. Sometimes I am sad and depressed while others totally euphoric. It’s a constant roller coasting. The continuous rain here will keep me an underdog learning vocabulary in the library. Of course I ask; why do I have this maverick life? What’s the purpose behind this. I still could be living in Syria study and have friends. Therefore, I had to travel from country to country, passing borders and nobody really wants me. If I wouldn’t have fled Syria I would have always would have wondered or maybe got killed under fire. I will have to survive this too, even if my feelings will always be in a fight. With your help my friend I will overcome the maverick role. I miss you my friend+++

Find your path

What I am supposed to write+++ you, what could comfort you? I am thinking of you, hopping my love will reach you over the great big ocean. Do you feel it, I’m holding you in my arms we are talking to one another. You know you will pursue your begun path. What kind of problems have you spun up in your mind, solved them and went on. Everything thoroughly thought through. In reality, in the now you feel like a nobody. The always recurring question is: Why should I take this path? Your life will give you the answers, or send you signs and the circumstances will explain themselves. Why, did you know to choose your profession? You can’t free yourself from doubts. That concerns strike you that early in life is something you conceive in the now. This is painful jet very nourishing because you are forced to think about the circumstances, you choose to be in or sometimes not by own choice. Those questions are subject to your spirits as well; don’t fear they want to harm you. They are here to assist you. You want to live the way you inspire it – if you balance your harmony with your vision you will not wander without an aiming point or be confused. You will still want to find new things, but from a resting point of stability. That will be part of your character. So, dear sad you, don’t ponder in self destruction this perspective is too egoistic. Now, I used all this time, so my single child will not be in grievance since you will have to lift me up in return some day. You understand the sense of it? I will send this mail off, yes, mother’s +++don’t only twitter. You know, I am here for you and I love you. The next time, I’ll talk about the weather station in my life.

Weird Flat Sharing

I’m sharing a flat in a very uncomfortable room. A blue collar guy+++ very nice, but we couldn’t communicate very well because of the foreign language. Suspicious enough that he wanted a female roommate. I also felt uneasy. My weird roommate sleeps in a tiny room in the flat between computers and blinking routers. Every time I go to the bathroom, he begins a conversation. I have to cross his room that doesn’t have a door. Don’t let me start about the bathtub or the kitchen. Next week I will upgrade my living conditions and move to a dormitory room. No more flat sharing. Amsterdam+++ is such a beautiful city with wonderful old housing. Too bad that all these students need at least 10m2 to store their books. It’s a high rise, so it’s built vertical rather than horizontal and has thin walls. For an earth bound being, this concrete block, at the edge of the city isn’t wonderful, but better than my weird flat sharing situation. Moving on from an efreak to bad New Waive high-rise with bleak walls. On each floor one ocean scene wallpaper with a bright orange sun chair under a Palm tree. You got an impression? My dear+++I need to shortcut – I’d love to see where your’re living. Can’t promise anything.