The Hoarder EP1- TV Reality Show

The Hoarder
Tina works for people who live in houses of which they are no longer master and therefore ask for help. It’s not that easy, because the collectors then hoarder-ridden need to apply. Until then human help can be arranged with passion for needy human being. The numerous applications of the Hoarder Realities will go to the TV-Station, where a team of editors reduce in a preselection the applicants of Hoarder-Realities to 3. To be a Hoarder is not a niche any more in society. The degree of how seriously infected varies by category: “On the soaring seas, everything twisted upside down – I couldn’t do anything about it. I’m only human. The disaster was just too overwhelming.” Another variation; the houses of the oppressed don’t want to give away anything, they like being crammed with stuff, with things up to the ceiling: “The House has outgrown me; I lost control – that was all so insidious.” All my house, as a master of things needs, is even more of all possible stuff”.

Tina knows. She has helped so many people to get rid of everything that had been collected, stored in a dammed house. Many of these people were cracked by life. Over the years, in which she had been put to the side of the curved, Tina developed much insight and compassion. With her psychology studies she laid the Foundation to see behind the things. At that time in Marburg, Germany, as the circumstances did not allow her to finish studying, she dropped out after 4 intense semesters- devoted to the understanding of Systemic Psychology. She wanted to help people in a very early stage and get to understand what is behind all of this, what we call life.
One Hoarder TINA remembers very well. There were worlds that had to be pushed away so the poor little squirrel, the godfather of the House was able to say goodbye.Throw it all out! Everything!
Surely, she can’t handle this alone. She found allies of the same spirit. Human Beings who have a sensitive awareness and a guarded mindfulness, that is the order, otherwise it simply doesn’t work helping people in need. This Hoarder didn’t let himself be disentangled at once. Only very cunningly was he freed, because the tracks had been laid out by the individual actors in advance. Coincidences helped to introduce the team optimally to fit the Mobile of the conditions. Everyone saw the signs and every existing level were mobilized. Finally, after the last brush stroke disinfected with incense, turning the air septic and sweet. It can’t be expressed how fantastic the feeling is overcoming the swoon and an amazement of gratitude to have rid yourself from burden. Tidy voidness. But until then, it’s still a long way to go.
The gamet of the resistors, doubts and jealousy must be explored, plowed in spirit and cleared out of the way. The team feels THEM physically; preprocessor existences, ancestors and the spirit of the times. A whole sea of osmotic plasma, partially floating and beleaguering the desperate resident of the House. All this mess has to be thinned out. What is it? Attention, attention! What was the topic again? Who already knows about it? No one can say it… “in the hush of Heine, in silence of the night…”
When things happen in a mutual understanding and good agreement the boat can be rocked and swung, all right. This is the: “I’m only human, the disaster was just too overwhelming” situation. It will be a task of smoothing. The relentlessly violent waves on a great ride, in deep waters need reduction until the sea rolls evenly in amplitude. She now follows the path of rational-thinking spirit. It’s fun. Tina laughs and shines with her heartfelt love. The afflicted and distressed look ahead and even they are visibly surprised and cannot wrap all of it. The waste is gone!!! The road was long and now there’s no more hold. Holding and clinging is prohibited, that will not be anymore!
Tina and her team know that they will not be substitute for all of the stuff, when all was taken away. It was also not their intension to change the peoples karma. More in the spirit of not leaving these people longer to the mercy of their own 4 walls. She sees it secular and real. She set the trail to give those people a helping hand.It’s her way creating higher order.
The following happened at a Reality Set, as Tina remembers quite clearly. The afflicted was to be assigned to the first category of Hoarder. The hit individual left his supposedly safe haven as an employee to persue ambitious goals. Navigating on strong winds with unwieldy sailings, at full speed and over the limits of his possibilities. What turned out to be? A hoarder with the highest degree of infection. The curvature of his subconscious and also that of above – Ground Operator Ego I, was out of alignment. At that time Bobo the sufferer, upside down and reversed, asked for help from Tina’s Team.
As a first step the most personal things were taken under attack. It’s a clever game that Tina applies on occasion. Letters before that time, extravagant postcards with big happy writing, holiday greetings such as: I just thought about you and many benevolent birthday cards. The boxes with letters – even of these utensils were a plethora of accumulation. The team had put them from one side to the other in the House, seemingly a small era long. Eventually a carton spilled dumping the content without any obligation, peered at the edges and slightly yellowed from the years. Ah, look here, that is a letter from my first great love after highschool. Take a look. What a giant swirly font. Criss -Cross, thought Bobo and immersed himself in his memory. All the junk in the House could be disposed noiselessly and without Bobo in the background. Plastic cutlery, old sports magazines, the first edition of GEO, extra creased shoes, Flip-Flops, cards and board games from the times of Sunday afternoon games. Blankets old moving boxes the team did not bother checking, with a content not worth assigning a name for, tons of odds and ends. A box full of old rusty nails and bolts, screwdrivers and small technical devices such as battery powered drill angle grinder, wedges, hinges. There was a flicker of action, Tina thought. Clear indication herefore is the Automatic Lifting Crane – a long claw to heave and move. The attempt had been extinguished in it’s bud. The rebellion of the stricken against the needlessness. “Hold on a minute! Stop a moment”, shouted the sponsor of the House, holding the 2nd letter, at that time so existential loved and sought after, in his hands. “Don’t touch the machines”. That’s not a problem for Tina. She was often laughed at and called Tina the Business Consultant for Hoarder Realities. But that is not the case, on the contrary. She trained her employees in such ways, that the desire of the afflicted to stop – no rush at all, is to be ignored. 1. Rule: Never get engaged with the inhabitants of the House. Stick always nicely to me”, are the things she preaches before any Emergency Operation. “Order of things, things of order” is the 2nd rule.
On day 2 the whole team gathered- Tina ahead. She found a closed door. Surprised they entered through the garden to the back porch walking over a whole host of broken glass accompanied by the sound of crunching coarse debris. In her mind, Tina wished for a lineup of cocoa-brown, athletic bodies that show their muscles, slightly sweating at the weight press. Instead she glazes through the clouded windowpane seeing Bodo sitting on the floor in the living room surrounded by lesser of things but still many mountains of rubble around. As she stood thinking an image spilled out from her memories, something that had her tied up yesterday. In the hallway of the stuffed House she saw a conical pile of shoes. The shoes had oversized laces, which were in a completely entangled bulge, pinched between the individual shoes, grey, dirty and hopelessly flabby.
Tina was imaginative since her childhood. She thinks: Also a disorderly life, in the Here Being, could allow an Otherness child to be as it is. Collective. The path to be different than the way to be – an echo of the image in her acrobatic spirit – as laces-parenting- awareness- labyrinth. The awareness comes from the tangled depths up, to rapidly vanish back down, twisted, to pop back up into appearance to light. Two at the end hardened shoelaces of the meta awareness thread popping up, reinforced and laced back together in beautiful, old-fashioned mania for the purpose of keeping together, in an infinite loop. Here and now Tina thinks. It’s enough: that’s very psycho to devise something like that, just because of a pair of sports shoes. Dump this, by all means dispose the ghost.
Not often, but if there really was a fire TINA used one of her tricks. She realizes that she becomes involved in the Karma of the other and this is not right. Tina has caught herself moving in her client trying to find orientation within him, saw his order in thoughts and startled. That is going too far. Order of the Thiings, Thiings of the Order. Oh, damned be my green spit. On the border of desperation she calls back on her indefinable thinking, it’s like cleaning the cash in her brain. Think totally off track for an instant. Do something crazy. Don’t let yourself be tempted. She recits in her mind: wide awake and mourning, dizziness deep sky blue-violet dark eyed, smallest, up melancholy, moronic and constitutionally euphoric… She feels freed and detached from this pitiful sight. Speaking of pitiful sight. I must remember to organize the shopping cart, because a lot of the collected has also of value, she thinks. “Valuables” are bought by a fellow Antiques Dealer for good money, so Bobo can finance his new beginning.