Guatemala, the Mayan Keepers of Time

The Maya called themselves Gate Keepers. The Keepers of Time that orchestrate events like balls of light that traveled into many different realities and dimensions.

It was a beautiful November day in 2016, Guatemala City, the upside down shaped U, Hotel Futura Tikal, our home station on a 14 day trip through Guatemala and Honduras.

Hotel Guatemala

The first contact with Maya Elder Elizabeth reminded me that a shaman does not live in one world. They have learned over generations how to invoke the assistance of other worlds and open creativity – exchange energy through harmony and co-operation. Maya Elder Elizabeth was our guide to the exquisite sites and monuments such as Mayan ruins at Tikal and Copan in Honduras. The renowned book author of ‘Touching the Light’, Meg Blackburn- Losey, Phd has worked for years with Mayan Elders and was the overall trip organizer. Dr. Meg organizes spiritually guided trips every year to different Mayan countries. At Lake Atitlán the grand Mayan Elder Tata Alejandro held a cleansing ceremony for the ‘traveling light group’. We also visited a Mayan Cooperation Fair Trade store and flamboyant markets in the colonial city of Antiqua.

Our first sacred site was the archaeological Yaxha-Nakum-Naranjo Park.

When you visit these ancient sacred sites that are called power places, you experience a refined state of consciousness. All the data of the ancient civilization are stored in stone. Sacred sites, therefore, can activate experiences of higher consciousness. I knew, this was one of the most decisive moments of the trip, when shaman


Elisabeth finished her first ceremony and our group of 15 travelers stood in a circle around the ceremonial fireplace watching the white smoke ascend into the sky. We were surrounded by sublime quietness – the sky as the cathedral’s roof.

Our next destination was the site of Copan, Honduras; Again awed by the spectacular testimony of Pre-Columbian, Mayan civilization. You enter the site of Copan through a little forest with screaming and yelling parrots, a noise you wouldn’t hear in a zoo. The ancient site is also known for its well preserved stone sculptures of the Kings, the Elites of the Maya culture. A stone turtle stands for grandmother, the source of all life in the Mayan tradition. Further south around the Acropolis area I climbed around and imagined my chakras as doorways of energy, opening to my personal memories – imagination becomes activated. During meditation I tapped into the power of the holy place, toned and merged into the silence of the ancient stones.

The next Ceremony was held by shaman Tata Alejandro in San Pedro La Laguna.

maya ceremony

The little Mayan Village is situated at the Lake Atitlán and surrounded by three Vulcan’s. During the cleansing ceremony Tata did not distribute the five different colored candles, he arranged them on the fire- place and sang a praying mantra. Each color describes a different function. The incense smoke clears the energy field on a multidimensional level. All the spirits are cleansed, when at the end of the ceremony the black smoke turns into white smoke. After this procedure the shaman Tata called each of our names to come to him, where he lightly wiped a bunch of palm branches over stretched out arms, chest, the stomach the legs the back. A big smile on his face- an instantly felt lightness, knowing without saying anything.

Mayan signs

We reached our next pier San Juan de La Laguna, where I found high quality products at a Mayan women co-operative. The local fair trade store, Casa del Tejido offers traditional woven, cotton blankets and a very interesting demonstration of traditional ways of coloring fabric.

Cotton presentation

I was overwhelmed by the various handmade fabrics, purses, jewelry and the fact that you can bargain makes it impossible to resist. Local dishes you can taste, offer an explosion of spices such as curcuma, delicious guacamole and not to forget the sweetest tasting pineapples, melons and other exotic fruits.

On the last day I decided to sign up for an egg reading in the beautiful Hotel Posada de Don Rodrigo, Antigua. Shaman Elisabeth took an egg wiped it over my limbs, cracked it into a glass with water. Interesting to watch eggnog twirling with the egg white in a water glass. Thank heaven the yellow, round yolk didn’t burst! The white of the egg twirled like a flowing curtain in the water. And not to oversee the three little bubbles on the surface. Zooming up, there is a red spot in one of the bubbles. I will keep the details what the shaman told me, secret. I learned; My symbol is Earth and when I was born 13 galactic energies, TOJ were in my conception. This stands for luck, receiving gifts, paying back karma. Leaving Guatemala Airport behind I realized; what I know now, my dearest friend awaiting me at home in Denver is, that we share a profound and healthy love, this feeling comes from my heart.

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