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One week seminar Graceful Exit, at the Buddhist Mountain Center

During the one week seminar Graceful Exit, at the Buddhist Mountain Center close by the red feather lakes.

A sentient being of the 21st century needs to stay flexible; learn, unlearn and relearn to make it through every day challenges without losing one’s wit. In my mind it seemed clear, that this is one of these special circumstances to make the first step and confront the submerged subject dyeing and death.

We all will die, I will die. So it will be.

The dream and sleep yoga specialized book author Andrew Holecek held the one week seminar Graceful Exit, at the Buddhist Mountain Center. In his seminararound the unalterable subject death and dying, Andrew gave guidance to a group of 35 individuals, how to find the wisdom in our bodies; (Dharmakaya) He also equipped the participants with an incredible practical meditation map in the tradition of the Tibetan maha mudra tantras. In his lucid dreaming meditation practices we learned how to open the mind, how to dab into some insight coming from the darkness of our unconsciousness. The group applied distinct given meditation tools to work towards the ultimate goal – in the Tibetan maha mudra tantra Tradition: Equanimity; the mind becomes crystal clear and a great open unhindered gap (Bardo/transitional experience) opens up to our consciousness. This state of mind is non-dual, we become completely transparent, as if every phenomena just passes through our mind and body.

“The only obstacle is to regard something other than mind.” (Padmasambhava)

Graceful Exitpreparing for a Good Death– Shambhala Mountain Centre, Colorado

On our Graceful Exit seminar we learned about the 8 stages of dissolution, were equipped with the 3 wisdom tools- pedagogical approach, hearing (digestion) and contemplation, (meditation). The group learned more about the landscape of thoughts and minds – Lucid dreaming is the expression that describes a form of sensation when practicing Dream Yoga; the Yogi becomes part of the darkness; becomes simply space and the entire identity becomes transparent.

Andrew went further and signed his book for me with: “Wake up to your dream.” That is transient enough for this one! For some reason this strikes me Monty pythonisch, but it was another great experience I had at the Buddhist Center in northern Colorado.

When I have to die, I want to die quickly and know what is happening during the 8 stages of dissolution.

Dream Yoga, by Andrew Holecek seminar:

During this intense week of Graceful Exit all around the subject death and dying, the participants indulged in lucid dreaming meditations with blindfolds covering their eyes, so not one ray of light could make it to our minds. It’s all about getting a glimpse beyond the twilight into the darkness with a calm, clear mind and without fear or hopelessness. This can be achieved by training the untamed mind and recognizing bad thinking habits and cutting through spiritual bypassing- a term for prematurely transcending relative human needs, feelings, personal issues or developmental tasks.

There is no cop out of Samsara, but there might be a spiritual way close to the doors of Nirvana.

Fairy-tale worthwhile noticing by Kirkus Reviews

Fairy-tale Spy-Birds ¬ worthwhile noticing by the renowned Kirkus Review


How to manage poor reception:

Identify the technique of the review. If the reviewer repeats the plot, of course with his/her way of unfolding the content, you know that you’re dealing with a repetition of the story line which you, as a writer, developed.

2. Check how much of the review is repetitious. If more than 2 thirds of the entire review is a summary, you can be sure that the reviewer only overflew the book. Reinforcement for this thesis:

3. If the review lacks any interpretation, lack of consideration of the form, lack of interpretation of the symbolic essence of the book, you can conclude that the reviewer was overwhelmed. 

4. A poor reception of your book means actually nothing in this case, so there is no need for further pondering, with what you think went wrong about it. And never mind what this reviewer has said about it. 5. The process of rethinking is most successful, if you can direct it into writing a new novel.

5. This is a way to manage your confidence in writing skills, because you will find a way to partially reject what you might not have liked in the first try.

My conclusion about the anonymous, reviewer’s literature interpretation skills:

It is a generous attempt to not read into the mythology and futuristic history of the fairy-tale, to not mention the trustworthy consistency of the author’s meta perspective ¬which is in all times and ages a ventures to do something for the watermelon heads (BWSH) in some of the people all over the world. Fabulism is a mainstream Literature. It is a challenge to write and it is a challenge to review. Now, if this team works together in a “hands on” manner ¬ rather than ignoring the core of the tale, because it enters a psychological realm of toxic environment in the now of the USA ¬ you as the author and she/he as the reviewer can do the job in a more productive way. Most important is the agreement about reality between the writer and the reader.

Mindful social media self-promotion

You are an author taking action and reaching out to mindful social media self-promotion? You have a professional website, your writing is nutshell SEO friendly, and you still are not reaching your set goals?

Be aware; you are reaching a new boarder-level situation on your path as a self-published author.

Never worry, you could over promote yourself on social media platforms and the internet. You need to be aware that your content is mostly visible in local surroundings, which means the search engine and the SEO listings are visible locally on google search. Once you establish yourself on all the platforms and your website is frequently visited, you will slowly expand the reach of your content or you’re washed up back to the shore. In other words- blankly spoken- be very careful when hiring an outside SEO company to “help you out”. You may just pay someone to set your website on the blacklist of google, even if your content or blog is valuable to people.

Important to consider; always keep your apps, your website plug-ins, template updated because that will secure your data the best.

Clear is also; all the various social media platforms require a different approach of presentation of content, services or products. Therefor the imagery uploaded or shared on Facebook should be different than those e.g. on Pinterest. This is creativity and requires technical skills, apps and timing for certain content or topics. All must be in one line, from your perspective and valuable for your audience. Once you get the feel for the platforms uniqueness, you can benefit by using them to sign in, share things or to post content, and last but not least: make contacts or in the same spirit friends. Some platforms are spreading other peoples puddles (what not problems) which in some cases can drag people down in pursuing a writer or self-publishing path. So think twice before you post or answer someone.
I am going to borrow an a Buddhist expression “tonglen” and expand it to how to engage on the platforms. The term describes a genuine effort to transform negative energies by calming the creative mind and spreading healthy content for inspiration onto an artificial intelligent machine that is shared with others. In few words.

Let’s talk in the light of a philosopher representing the speculative realism: you have a “capitalistic website” – equipped with the best state of the arts plug-ins and template – a technology somewhat customized to your needs, and the corrupted analytical tools installed show neglectable small amounts of visits on your website. You are using this immensely technical tool to enter in your space in the virtual environment – actually adding precious content into an anonymous huge space out there, and maybe without reaping the harvest (goals) and unknown recognition.

Going back to the thought that everything is a machine divided in different categories, which means; the AI machines are ruled by algorithms and your website is in a world of male, “supposedly communist virtual environment”, where it seems almost impossible being visible on the world wide web without digging deep into your own pocket. Is this negative? No! It is reality in the now and the realm in which you have to self promote as an author.
Again, you have this totally capitalistic tool set up to enforce your performance as an author and maybe sell a book and you most likely experience not reaching the goal because you have to do a lot for free and that is very difficult to withstand.
Sad? Not really. Why? Because, if I, as a humanoid machine can’t make it into value and no value, the algorithmic world of numbers and reasons, I will find my success in the core of my being; namely a writer.
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An Ontology of Machines and Media

Book review: Onto-Cartography –an Ontology of Machines and Media. Author: Levi R. Bryant

It has been several years, I intended reading more about the philosophy-trend object oriented ontology. Finally, I found this book An Ontology of Machines and Media in the Denver library. L.R. Bryant is one of the known philosophers of the OOO-society: a constructed philosophical niche, where everything is a machine.

I always thought that 000 stands for: Electrical devices and machines being extensions of human being’s actions and through content and appearance in the machine world, also spiritually extensions, since we exist in the realm of virtual reality; the internet.

That is not what this philosophy represents. I took a peek in Bryant’s book ‘An Ontology of Machines and Media’ and saw that everything is a machine. Humans are machines, animals, plants, everything is a machine. He distinguishes between different types of machines, but in general our universe is a machine. He believes, he found a thinking path to set an end the loop of 400 years of philosophical discourse around the object and subject conception. In his view, there are no subjects there are only objects everything is an object – a machine.

I find the book wordy, (bear with me for the conclusion) so I did not read it entirely. I peeked into some chapters. In Chapter 1 he describes the different types of machines: Discursive, physical, organic, technological, and not organic. Chapter 2 develops the general ontology of machines. He argues: “that machines ought to be understood in terms of their operations, transforming inputs that flow through them, producing a variety of different types of outputs. In so far as machines operate on flows, they are to be understood as “trans-corporeal” or interactively relate to other machines through flows of information, matter, and material that they receive from other entities”. Chapter 3 He argues: “that we must engage in alien-phenomenology to understand how machines interact with other entities in the world about them, and observe how another entity of service or interacts with the world about it. He calls for a topological conception of space, composed of paths themselves, composed of machines between machines that determine what is related to what and the vector along which an entity must move to reach a particular destination”. In chapters 7 he refers to the “way in which semiotic and physical machines curve the space time of other entities as gravity should be replaced by power”. This book talks about “the pan ecological machine oriented ontology”. He is strongly influenced by thinkers like Manuel DeLada, Gilles Deleuze, Diamond and Braudel and with this constructed philosophical niche he incorporates and quotes philosophers from the past such as Leibnitz, Heidegger and what they said about machines.

The wordiness and quotes from Heidegger and Sartre did not convince my mind. Interesting enough is, that he incorporates the communist Karl Marx (a machine), who was the main theoretical conductor for the human-labor machines at the beginning of the industrialization in Europa. In Marx’s view, somebody who closes the gates at a railway station (in those times manually), is as much worth as somebody who is a doctor and might save human lives. Bryant makes this to: a doctor machine engages into a not functioning human machine, as well as the gate closer does. No difference between a doctor and a gate closer. A human machine is not any better than a machine machine, there aren’t any differences.“This is this framework that onto-cartography attempts to provide”.

It is everywhere prevalent what impact this mind construction has on Hollywood movies, social behavior, human interaction and perception. One thing that has changed since 1988, when Onto-Cartography – an Ontology of Machines and Media was published; machines – artificial intelligence- took over the calculation of all the complicated math constructions and formulas humans need to organize life, because not a single human mathematician can actually proof calculate such highly complicated math. We trust another computer, e.g. in India to proof read the calculations. Surprising? No! What is surprising, is; are all machines equal?

Read a fairy tale  around this subject:

Amy’s Fiction recommendations

It‘s in the eye of the reader, that’s why I choose these Fiction recommendations.

It’s the circumstances that made me read these books. A further dimension is; they impressed me so entirely that an inprint was stored in the archive of my memory as learned matter and it is still alive. Unique fiction and points of views, interesting characters with dispense story lines makes good reading.

Learning something new collectively as a society in the medieval times is subject of the play The life of Galilei by Bertold Brecht.

Someone once said to me that Doris Lessing is a writer for her piano teacher- I think, The Story of General Dann and Mara’s daughter, Griot + the snowdog is a science fiction novel and could also interest younger readers.
In case you ever wanted to know more about the Philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer as a person, here is a good book by Irvin D. YalomThe Schopenhauer Cure. Meaning you don’t have to dive into his thoughts about a phenomenal world product of a blind, insatiable, and the malignant metaphysical will.

Antal Szerb’sJourney by Moonlight – is too subtle to write about.

The true story In search of Klingsor, by Jorge Volpi is one of the most compelling version of the coming about of the Stauffenberg plot.

So, if you feel like there was anything helpful for you, please let me know.
Have a great one,

Etheria, Hoarder Translation

Mastering the translation of Etheria and the Hoarder from German to English wasn’t easy. English is the first language I spoke and understood as an infant. After that my school education was until University in German. I realized that I created two new stories: Etheria-English and The Hoarder- English. Translation algorithms helped out with vocabulary but the demand for refinement is nothing to be expected by a maschine.

I would enjoy feedback from you.


Summary Plot Etheria

Summary Plot Etheria

Summary Plot Etheria

An ethereal,  well read woman transfers her everyday habitual life into an exciting humorous playground of thoughts and human interactions.  She is a caregiver to her mother, who is beginning dementia and a designated gardener. Her love for plants opened a gate to a green intelligence, her love for Yoga keeps her sexual resonance flowing… Everything is perfect, except controlling her urge …

Summary Plot The Hoarder

A Hoarder lost control of his house, he lost control of keeping order and he can’t flee his memories. Caught up in all of that, a young ambiguous TV- Journalist brings back order to his  practical as well as spiritual world. The protagonists are sympathetic  characters in difficult, seemingly intangible  situations. It’s a story about a successful career-woman in a win win situation, because of her philanthropic compassion for stranded people.

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