About Amy Winsloe

What’s new about Amy Winsloe? As a possible human, I have reached author status and have been conferred upon a Master Certificate in Fiction Writing from the University of Denver, College. Now, I am a self-published author of an allegorical novella, polished my writing skills, and for the ones who want to know, relocated to Europe, to be precise to Germany. I soon will publish a new short story: “Romantic Warrior” which I completed as my Master’s assignment in June of 2021.


It’s important to me to act with respect of being as a human being.

The short-stories are examples for the living situation of human beings, where all spheres or phenomena of realities are incorporated into their life.

My message is to create a believable living situation and to narrate this with deeply felt, spiritual empathy.

It is a challenge to find the suitable form and language. The portrayal of seemingly bizarre characters in precarious situations are complex in word and thought. Readers that prefer simple language and straight forward plot, are likely not to read my stories. I love a lot of words, and sometimes I like savoring in reading them out loud.

My readers will surely, after reading the short-story The Hoarder or Etheria, Seeing is Knowing wish from the heart that others also may find an enlightening idea in the stories.

Astounding situations, where new awareness arises when everyone is treated in mutual respect and love is the source and a powerful weapon.

Curiosity- the lust of learning, to leave all restrictions and downfalls behind, to create something different and meaningful.

See for yourself-the canvas of the stories
Amy Winsloe